Gunning Wildlife Removal & Pest Control

Gunning Wildlife Removal & Pest Control
Licensed Pest Management specialist

Gunning Wildlife Removal & Pest Control came to life from John’s love of animals and experience in home renovations. The Gunnings grew up in Nova Scotia where John was trapping animals since he was 8 years old. His childhood ‘wild’ pets ranged from crows (Charlie) to raccoons (Sam). He has a natural ability to work with animals and can take care of your wildlife problems in a humane, friendly and efficient way. Adding to this is his decades of experience in home renovations and his experience as a Journeyman Scaffolder. He can install prevention on the animal entry points to your home and property securing against future wildlife invasions. 

We think you’ll find their ‘down-east’ demeanor a pleasant part of your day when you call the office or John arrives at your home or business. The Gunnings operate a small family business and are active participants in their community. Your business is very much appreciated and if there’s anything you feel we can improve upon we welcome your feedback.

Why Gunning Wildlife Removal & Pest Control

We treat your property like our own and warranty our work against future wildlife intrusions. Gunning Wildlife Removal & Pest Control is fully insured, certified and equipped to take care of your wildlife or pest issues. Call us for effective & affordable pest control solutions!

Licenses & Certifications

  • John is also trained in:
    • WHMIS
    • First Aid
    • Working At Heights
  • Covered by WSIB
  • John obtained his Exterminator Certification from the University of Guelph and his Pesticide Exterminator’s License from the Ministry of Environment.
  • John holds a Pesticides Operator License with the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.
  • John is a member in good standing with the Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario (NPMA), the Canadian Pest Management Association (CPMA) and the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).
  • He keeps current with the Pest Management industry.
  • Better Business Bureau Accredited and Chamber of Commerce Member 


  • Simply, our mission is to provide affordable pest control solutions & humane removal of wildlife from your home or property.
  • We strive to deliver excellent customer service and quality work.
  • We are insured, certified and equipped to help you with your critter problem.
  • When we work with you, we treat your property like our own.

Professional Experience

  • John has worked around farms and animals since he was a child and has volunteered at the SPCA
  • He’s owned his own construction & home renovation business and worked at heights as a scaffolder and scaffolding inspector
  • He worked with Michelin North America for 18 years and as Flow Coordinator he demonstrates strong organizational and problem solving skills

Our Process

Learn About Your Problem

We’d like to discuss with you the problem you’ve been having, the noises you’ve been hearing and animals or pests you’ve been seeing around your home or business and property.

Appointment & Inspection

 During the inspection we will take time to go over your home thoroughly to find the entry points in which the nuisance animals or pests gained access. We will also look for vulnerable spots in your home that could potentially be access points for future problems. We will take time to review our findings and recommendations with you.


We always try to find the most humane and least stressful options in removing the nuisance animals. Sometimes different animals, pests or situations may require different solutions. We are always prepared for whatever wildlife issue you may have.

Prevention & Future Protection

A main part of our home inspection is assessing preventive measures and ongoing maintenance to protect vulnerable areas in your home from future wildlife or pest invasions. These measures can prevent costly damage to your home or business and property.

Our Credentials