Wildlife or pests in the home, business or farms can potentially cause problems and damage. John is ready to find critters that are causing the problem and do any necessary prevention to stop long term damage or future intrusions.

Each wildlife or pest removal case is unique. John will discuss any costs associated with the removal and prevention for your home, business or farm on a case by case basis.

Home Inspection

We will take time to go over your home thoroughly to find the entry points in which the nuisance animals or pests have gained access. We will also look for vulnerable spots in your home that could potentially be access points for future problems. After the inspection we will take time to review our report and recommendations enabling you to decide what actions and preventive measures you would like to take.
  • General Inspection to find problem areas
  • Attic Inspections

Wildlife or Pest Removal

We always try to find the most humane and least stressful options in removing the nuisance animals. Sometimes different animals, pests or situations may require different solutions. We are always prepared for whatever wildlife or pest issue you have.
  • Removal of an animal
  • One Way Door
  • Trap Rental


A main part of our home inspection is assessing preventive measures and ongoing maintenance to protect vulnerable areas in your home from future wildlife or pest invasions. These measures can prevent costly damage to your home or business and property.
  • Vent Screening
  • Prevention Screening
  • Chimney Cap
  • Pest Maintenance


Let us take care of them for you

Common wildlife & Pest issues


Raccoons can do a lot of damage to your home or business and property. They often tear holes in your roof and roof vents or sometimes take the vent right off in order to enter your attic. They may carry diseases harmful to you and your pets.


Squirrels might be small and cute but they can be quite destructive to your home. They chew holes in roofs, roof vents and fascia to gain entry to your home. Like other wildlife they leave behind nests, waste and can chew electrical wires causing a potential safety hazard.


Skunks can destroy your lawn and garden digging for grubs.  They may reside and have litters under your deck or shed making it tricky to use your backyard. They prefer not to spray but when they do it can reach up to 15 feet and the odour can remain for weeks or months.


Wasps are a bothersome problem to have and often make their nests in the worst possible place. Left alone they may build their nest large enough to cause you real trouble.



birds & bats

Birds often nest in dryer vents, eaves and other unwanted areas around your home & property. Bats can invade your attic and eaves leaving behind waste and possible damage.



Rats & Mice can cause damage from gnawing, nest-building and waste.  Their droppings can attract other rodents!  Rats will eat pet food spreading microorganisms that cause diarrhea and intestinal parasites in cats & dogs.  They can damage roofs, eat gardens and chew wires causing a potential safety hazard. On top of that they multiply rapidly compared to most other rodents & pests.harmful to you and your pets.

Ants & Spiders

Ants may simply be a nuisance if their nest becomes large or they could cause damage to your home just depending on the type of ants you’re dealing with.  Spiders are typically harmless and somewhat beneficial in keeping the insect population in check however they can be a big nuisance if they become too plentiful around your home or property.

Other critters

Critters such as mosquitos, moles, voles, opossum, rabbits, gophers, groundhogs and such can be every bit as much a nuisance!  They can dig and tear or just make you feel downright uncomfortable on your own property. 

Injured, sick or dangerous wildlife should be dealt with by calling the Ministry of Natural Resources 1-800-667-1940 or your local NON emergency police department.  For domestic animal control call your local City Hall for recommendations. There are many animal rehabilitation centres in Ontario that can be found at